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RightAngle Roofing and Renovations offer two styles of gutters - K-Style and Half-Round Gutters.

K-Style are gutters with flat bottoms and backs but have a decorative style to the front. Half-Round Gutters are gutters that look as described; half round tubes, usually found on older, historic homes.

RightAngle Roofing and Renovations offers multiple types of gutters for your home. These include; aluminum, copper, seamless aluminum, steel, vinyl, and zinc. We also include installation of aluminum, steel and copper gutters and downspouts. We offer a  variety of accessories for gutters and downspouts and offer year-round installation for homes and commercial buildings.

Gutter Installation and gutter repairs with RightAngle Roofing and Renovations


Gutters are used to direct water from your roof away from your home. Water left standing on your roof can lead to structural damage and could leak into your home’s interior. They also help to keep water from puddling onto your patios and porches. Having a gutter system in place will allow you to walk around your home’s exterior after rain and not worry about water dripping onto you.

Gutters also protect the color of your home from fading. Gutters also work to protect wood decks, doors and garage doors from excessive water damage.

There are several other reasons that gutters are used to protect homes. Having a working gutter system installed will help you to prolong the life and structure of your home. Period.