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We are NOT them! 🚫

When salespeople come to my door, I just stand there listening until they take a breath long enough for me to say “no thank you”. Who knows, I may have fallen into the pyramid sales trap and done extremely well with it or bought a great product I actually needed (for 3x’s what it’s worth), but because a stranger came by with no appointment to sell me what I may or may not need, I definitely won’t buy. Door to door cold calling is a numbers game. Statistically the more people they talk to, the odds increase of landing a sale and that becomes their close rate. 🤑 Now I’m sure you’re wondering why RightAngle Roofing and Renovations is writing about cold calling and door to door sales? Because we DON’T do it!

But of course that’s not enough of a reason to write a whole blog to let people know the things we don’t do. There are a lot of businesses that don’t operate that way, but roofing companies typically get a bad reputation for bothering families in their homes during the time they could be spending together. As roofers we are taught to look for damage and come to you, but we chose to do things differently! You won’t have to worry about us knocking on your door unless you called us to make an appointment. The reasoning behind this is......

1. The roofing salesman is making a commission off your job

2. The company is making money off your job 3. That company has massive overhead and marketing which in the end, costs the consumer

We keep it simple for everybody. No extra expenses from commissioned sales people. One hometown family owned local company with several dedicated roofing crews that work hard and strive for excellence and efficiency with every job. We use local suppliers and office staff so our contribution is direct to the community. Being in business over 20 years says you can trust that we will be around when you need us and we provide an excellent warranty on our work. You can call or text us anytime with your roofing needs and questions and when you find yourself in a situation where its time for a new roof, you know who to call. Whether you’re re paying cash, need finiancing, or help filing a claim with your homeowners insurance, you can count on a competitively priced low pressure experience.

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